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Kalmane Tech specialises in developing cutting edge products and technologies for all kinds of automation applications - including designing custom embedded hardware and firmware.

The numerous projects that we have implemented for our customers cover wide range of domains in Industrial Automation, Medical Data Acquisition, CAN and MODBUS Protocol Conversions,Instrument Data Acquisition, WiFi and GSM data acquisition and data delivery applications, Sensor interfacing, Energy monitoring, Temperature and Humidity monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT) Applications.

Our NSPEAK Voice announcement system provides an innovative tool for attracting customers, for retail outlets, for Voice based Alarm annunciation systems in Fire and Safety applications as well as travel and tourism sector

We are eager to put our skills at the disposal of our esteemed customers for developing new and innovative solutions for their IT/Manufacturing and IoT problems.

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Our Products


A revolutionary new concept in Voice Announcement systems for Retail Outlets, Fire Alarm Systems, Building Automation Systems,Museum and Art Galleries, Industrial Automation Systems and Advertisements.

We have specially designed cost effective solutions for Elevator Floor announcement and Door open announcements for use in Lifts, elevators and escalators
NSPEAK is an activated Voice prompt system that can generate a voice output message , based on different types of triggers - such as a switch input, a sensor output or a user command or time of the day. There are different models to address different domain applications. NSPEAK has storage for a large number of message files. Voice messages can be of mp3 or wav type files. A easy to use browser based interface allows the user to upload message files to the device through user laptop or smart phone.

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RS232 to RS232 Serial Port Isolators
USB to RS232 Converters, with Isolation
RS232 to RS485 Converters, with Isolation
Ethernet to RS232/RS485 Converters, with Isolation
Provide a very convenient way of your instruments to be connected to an industrial automation network in harsh industrial environment.
Our Store and forward buffers and data loggers and can be customised to meet your specific application needs

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Heat Stress Monitor

The HSM-K3 Heat Stress Monitor (WBGT Meter) addresses the need for Area Heat environment monitoring using the latest high accuracy Temperature and Humidity Sensors. It has the features of Data logging for long duration observation and WiFi interface to your phone. Your Smart phone can be used to monitor real time data and also configure logging parameters.

The collected data can also be transferred to PC as a CSV file for using with EXCEL.

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Product Showcase

Below is the showcase of various products/projects that we have implemented

Heat Stress Monitor

A custom designed Comfort Index Monitor for monitoring comfort level inside closed areas.

Modbus Gateway

Used for Energy Meter Data Acquisition in Electric Supply company substations

Modbus Multiprotocol Isolating Interface

Used to set up a MODBUS network of machines (M2M communication)

Multivibration Simulator

Used for physiological condition monitoring of Aircraft Pilots under three axis vibration stress.

RS232 485 Converter

Auto transmit enabled Isolating RS232 to RS485 converter for implementing wired industrial networks.

RS485 Isolator

Auto transmit enabled Isolating RS232 to RS485 converter for implementing wired industrial networks.

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