About Us

Kalmane Tech specialises in developing cutting edge products and technologies for all kinds of automation applications - including designing custom embedded hardware and firmware.

The numerous projects that we have implemented for our customers cover wide range of domains in Industrial Automation, Medical Data Acquisition, CAN and MODBUS Protocol Conversions,Instrument Data Acquisition, WiFi and GSM data acquisition and data delivery applications, Sensor interfacing, Energy monitoring, Temperature and Humidity monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT) Applications.

Our NSPEAK Voice announcement system provides an innovative tool for attracting customers, for retail outlets, for Voice based Alarm annunciation systems in Fire and Safety applications as well as travel and tourism sector

We are eager to put our skills at the disposal of our esteemed customers for developing new and innovative solutions for their IT/Manufacturing and IoT problems.

We are Specialists in Embedded Systems Design
We undertake customised development of micro controller based data acquisition and control systems
We have implemented a good number of IoT solutions
Wired or Wireless Data Communications for Automation - we have the expertise