Multi-Protocol IOT Gateway

KIOT-5 Gateway is a multi protocol IoT Gateway for data acquisition from field Units. It provides a very robust and reliable EDGE device with data transfer mechanism to a cloud based IOT Server over MQTT protocol, through internet connection over GSM/GPRS.. Different versions of firmware are available with MODBUS RTU / MODBUS -TCP as well as Custom protocol implementation

The basic firmware of the system is implemented around Linux Implementation and the application is custom built depending on the protocol and device interfaces required.

The device implements the hardware for communication over following interfaces:
One RS485 port on 3 pin Phoenix Connector
One RS232 port on DB9 connector
Two Ethernet Ports on RJ45 connector
One 4G LTE GSM/GPRS port for connection to server with 2G/3G Fall back option
Dual SIM Card
Built in Real time Clock and SD card

Basic system Functional specifications are as follows:
Access to internet is implemented over GSM/GPRS connection.
SIM card for network connection is to be provided by the user.
Time synchronisation with NTP Server
Time stamping of all collected data records
Device power fail time monitoring using built in real time clock and reporting the same to IoT server through MQTT Publish
WiFi / GSM/GPRS connection health monitoring and reporting the same to IoT server through MQTT Publish

Central Processing unit MIPS32 24KEc CPU running at 580 MHz
FLash Memory 32MB DDRM 128 MB
Built-in 64 KB / 32 KB instruction Data/ cache
Net connectivity GSM/GPRS module 4G LTE with 2G/3G fall back option Dual SIM Card
RS232 Interface One RS232 Interface (No Isolation) on 3 pin phoenix connector (RX,TX,GND)
RS485 Interface One RS485 interface(With Isolation) with DATA+,DATA- and GND connection on 3 pin phoenix connector
Ethernet Interface Standard Ethernet connectivity on RJ45 connector - Two nos.
Basic Operating system LINUX implementation
Application Software MODBUS Scan , FTP /MQTT Data transfer. Server address configurable
LED indicators Power ON Indication
Device Connectivity Communication Indication
GPRS connectivity Indication
Temperature and Humidity Ranges Operating: -20 °C ~ +60 °C; up to 95% RH
Storage: -40 °C ~ +85 °C; up to 95% RH
Power Supply 230V +/-10% AC 50Hz AC DC adapter
Optionally +12VDC / +24V DC external power supply. 500mA
Mechanical Dimensions 200mm (L) X 120mm (D) X 50mm(H). ABS plastic casing DIN RAIL Mounting
Weight 2Approx 0.4Kg
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