Our range of RS485b converters include
RS232/RS485 converter with Isolation and
RS485/RS485 Isolators
Ethernet to RS232/RS485

These are meant for establishing isolation between RS232 /Ethernet and RS485 devices. In Industrial automation networks often devices communicate on RS485 network using Industrial protocols such as MODBUS, but master computer may have only RS232 port available . Because of the harsh electrical environment, it is important to isolate devices from master computer/PLC. RS232 RS485 Converter does the dual job of converting RS232 signals and isolating the two sides

KTISO-485 provides galvanic isolation between RS232 port and RS485 port. RX,TX signals are isolated. GND on two sides are also isolated.The device also allows more than 32 RS485 devices to be connected on the same RS485 network. Auto transmit enable feature is implemented so that data from RS232 side is transferred to other RS485 side without any separate enable signal to be provided from device/master.

High immunity Digital isolators are used to implement the isolation feature, making the device compact and reliable. Isolating the Network Master from Network slave RS485 devices increases the reliability network hardware multi-fold since it provides protection from induced transient voltages on the network cables and there by increases reliability of automation systems