RS232 Serial Port Isolators

RS232 SERIAL PORT ISOLATORs are meant for implementing galvanic isolation of RS232 signals to avoid ground current loops and there by increase reliability of serial port hardware. All control and data lines of RS232 port isolated using digital isolator hardware using semi conductor based isolation barrier

RS232/RS485 Converters with Isolation

Ground current loops that are formed due to difference in ground potential between two equipments that are communicating over Serial port, are more often the reason for component failures in serial ports. RS232 to RS485 converters with Isolation provide protection from such failure in Industrial communication networks in SCADA applications. Isolation voltages above 2500V ensure that your Data acquisition system is safe from electric transients

DIN Rail mounting facility allows easy mounting options in control panels

Ethernet to RS232/RS485 Converters

These units are meant for connecting MODBUS TCP network to RS485 , providing protocol conversion options. The unit can be customised for implementing custom TCP Server / client applications. Option for RS232 or RS485 output is available

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